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BNI Success Stories

BNI is much more than referrals

I joined BNI in January 2015 because I wanted to grow my business. I was looking for referrals and I have not been disappointed, what I didn't realise that BNI is much more than referrals.

Having been an active member of BNI and a past President of the Trailblazers chapter I was finding it difficult to maintain my initial levels of activity and enthusiasm,

Steve Gaston our Area Director Consultant kindly spent time with me, and with his experience in business and coaching ability, helped me identify my drivers, and the buttons I need to press in order to reignite my desire. I now have renewed drive and am developing a plan which will enable me to achieve my goals.

As a consequence my business, and life, are moving to the next level, enhancing my financial security and increasing my happiness and contentment. Indeed recently I secured three new clients during what was traditionally a very quiet period.

I want to thank Steve for his time, patience, and knowledge, and for installing in me a confidence and sense of pride, I am great advocator of BNI, and I strongly recommend any business owner to take advantage of the time and advice that Steve Gaston offers freely - I assure you it will be a great use of your time.

Thank you Steve Gaston and BNI

Mark Berridge

Insure Smart Ltd

BNI Trailblazers (Glasgow)

Glasgow & South Lanarkshire