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We have 6 BNI groups in Glasgow & South Lanarkshire, any of which you are most welcome to visit without obligation. We would recommend that you check with us before visiting a BNI Group to make sure your business category is available. Only one member of any given trade or profession can join a particular BNI group. This is one of the fundamental advantages of BNI membership – by joining, members can effectively lock out their competition in the area.

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Use the map feature below to locate each of the chapter markers.

Select the links below to locate the chapters. Please note some chapters meet at the same location. Use the map zoom feature and direction arrows to locate each of the chapter markers.

Key to number of groups in the area:

Blue: 1-9 groups
Yellow: 10-99 groups
Red: 100-999 groups
Purple: 1000 or more groups

Operational Chapter Core Group Potential Chapter