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Charlie Robertson

Phone 0141- 779 9956
Mobile Number 07967- 639 790
Toll Free 0800 131 3018
Fax 0141- 779 9957

Mr. Charlie Robertson
BNI Glasgow & South Lanarkshire
13 First Avenue
G33 6JW

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Charlie Robertson

BNI Glasgow & South Lanarkshire

Executive Director

My BusinessI am a BNI Director because I am passionate about helping small business grow, and making an impact to the economy of local communities. Are you having challenges with your business, or simply want to take it to the next level then BNI can help. Do you want to increase your profits? Are you fed-up working long hours? No direction or goals for your business? Feel as if you have to do everything yourself as nobody else has your high standards? BNI will assist you to build the essential skills that you need to lead and manage a successful business.

Ideal ReferralGrants CAs Centrum Offices, Queen St, Glasgow. Clark Gillone IFAs, Somerset Place

Top ProductWord of mouth marketing strategies

Top Problem SolvedIncreasing profitability, while reducing hours worked.

My Favorite BNI StoryA BNI member approached me about his business. He was stressed, financially struggling, and was thinking of giving it all up and looking for a job. After one single coaching session, this was what he wrote to me in a testimonial. Hi Charlie, Thanks for today. I really appreciate your input and effort. You’re right, today is a starting point. I must admit I felt slightly overwhelmed after you left. It was almost as if the nervous energy I seem to have been functioning with actually left my body. A strange mixture of relief, optimism and sheer mental tiredness has came over me. I have spent the afternoon refocusing on the things that make me who I am and the reasons that people appreciate me , in turn this has led me to realise, and remember, the reasons why I appreciate them . I know today you went beyond what some would think of as “The call of duty” and I deeply appreciate it. James went on to run a very successful business, and get his life back in order, and that more than anything is the reason why I am so passionate about this business. .